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Welcome to Ananda Montessori

My name is Pamela Green, and I offer the first and only Montessori Playgroup classes in Northwestern Pennsylvania, located in the beautiful town of North East, just outside of Erie. In a nurturing and calm environment, you and your child can explore and play, in classes specific to your child's individual needs.

Montessori Playgroups

Are you looking for a peaceful place to learn alongside your child? Where you receive personal support for your work as your child's first teacher? Then come visit an environment where children develop independence, concentration, and responsibility for themselves and others. Where you are guided by an experienced Montessorian, as you observe and interact in a community of children and adults.

In the Montessori Playgroup classes we explore the teachings and principles of Maria Montessori. Furniture, materials, and activities in the environment are carefully chosen to aid in the development of movement and coordination, independence, language, self-discipline, and cognitive skills in your young child.

Families who are interested in joining the classes are encouraged to come for a visit. Classes are limited to 12 children, so to begin the process of enrollment and to hold your space, please fill out this Contact Form, and I will respond to discuss your interest, and set up a time for you to visit the classroom.

In addition to my Montessori classes, I offer personal mentorship and consultations, as well as Positive Discipline Parenting workshops and groups. This parenting approach offers effective ways to encourage your child, while also providing many opportunities to learn the underlying motivations of your child's behavior and the role you play in influencing your relationship together.

At Ananda I begin working with families during pregnancy, and since 1989 I have been teaching childbirth education and attending births as a doula in hospitals and as a midwife assistant at homebirths. I continue this support to families through Pre-Birth Education, which includes preparing your home environment for your newborn, as well as guiding your understanding of Montessori as it applies to pregnancy and the early life of the child and family.