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Birth Doula

Women supporting other women through labor is an ageless tradition common to all cultures.

The term doula comes from a Greek word meaning, “a woman who serves.” She is a professional care provider who understands and trusts the process of birth, who respects its physical, emotional, and transcendent aspects, and who facilitates the birth experience for parents and their baby.

She is experienced in childbirth and provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a woman during pregnancy, labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period.

As a Birth Doula, I offer holistic care for a birthing family through guidance and encouragement, to help you and your partner to participate fully in your labor and birthing experience. I began working as a Birth Doula in 1990, and was the first doula in Erie, Pa, and the surrounding areas.

I provide my experience and support, as well as to act as a mediator, making sure that you are aware of your options so that you can make informed decisions regarding your care. I help to ensure that your needs are met while enhancing communication and understanding between you and your caregivers.

I believe that birth is a natural and sacred event, which should be respected, and that women have the wisdom and power to initiate themselves into motherhood, and that the services of a Birth Doula can greatly influence the course of birth, for the mutual benefit of the mother, father, and baby.

As a Birth Doula, my services include:

  • A Free one-time consultation meeting
  • Birth education and preparation
  • Continuous support via phone, email, or text, from the time of your hiring me
  • Birth preferences and planning
  • Lending library and community resource and referral list
  • Continuity of care once labor has begun
  • Two prenatal visits and two postpartum visits
  • Guidance to support optimal fetal positioning
  • Birth ambiance, attention to the physical and emotional birth place environment
  • Breastfeeding support, information, and referral
  • Parenting information on newborn care

My Fees

The fee for my Birth Doula care is $900, which includes all of the services outlined above. I also offer a series of five Pre-Birth Education classes which last two hours each. A Birth Doula and Pre-Birth Education package is available at $975.

If you are interested in any of these services, please Contact Me, or give me a call at 814.440.4237 so we can discuss your interests and options.

“I was almost eight months pregnant with my third child when I began thinking about hiring a doula. I had heard about doula services, but I thought they were for mothers who needed something above and beyond the care provided by doctors or midwives. Having had two natural births with no epidural, I thought to myself, why hire a doula, I’ve already done this before. But after meeting and working with Pamela Green, I am convinced that doulas should be a service offered to all pregnant mothers.

I chose Pamela because of her extensive experience and her willingness to consult on my particular situation, even without hiring her. She also has a great disposition – extremely calm, patient and peaceful. Pamela helped me realize my birth dream. With her support I was able to labor at home in privacy and freedom. I was able to avoid back labor, manage the pain, and get my baby in optimal fetal positioning. Pamela listened to my desires and she ensured that others respected me and my desires for what happened to my body and my baby. The moment of my baby’s birth was amazing, and one that I will remember my whole life.

Thanks to Pamela, my labor and delivery had gone even better than I could have imagined.”            - Birth Doula Client

Pre-Birth Education